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Ultimate savings for a brand new car

ULEV's (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) are the future, no other car offer more incentives, government subsidies and overall savings!

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Why Ulev's?


ULEV"s offer the most savings for any car and the great news is the governments are constantly looking for ways to encourage the take up of ULEVs. To see how the savings can affect you, view the simple cost comparison table below.

The Future

The ULEV car sales are currently experiencing a significant increase and with more electric charging points popping up every day, there's never been a better time to make the switch. Visit Zap Map to view the changing points.

Easy Being Green?

Have we mentioned being green? The main incentive for ULEVs is the savings, but nice to think that you be doing your part of the environment.

Cost Comparison

ULEV Cars continually offer the greatest financial benefits, here's a quick look at some of the savings:

ULEV Petrol
Price Per Fill £0.00 £40.00 - £80.00
UK Monthly Fuel Price £0.00 £91.00
London Congestion Charges £0.00 £91.00
Road Cost £0.00 £16.67

"Our aspiration to is ensure consumers are aware and able to take advantage of all the savings involved with purchasing a new ULEV. Ultimately for us the more people driving ULEV's, the better off we will all be. The car market has been slow to cover and promote ULEV cars and we aim to give them a push :)" - EcoCars Team